Reflections in Colour

The finish is perhaps the most important element that defines character in a piece of furniture or cabinetry.  Colour is an expression of one’s personality – it is a reflection of our moods – and it evokes passion.  Colour is an integral and vital part of our daily life, involving everything we do and everything that surrounds us.  Colour is an emotion.  It is our world.

FinishWorks is committed to designing and providing our customers with exceptional, trend-setting finishes for all types of furniture and cabinetry.  Through extensive research, we have selected 210, design inspired paint colours tailored to today’s most popular home fashion trends, fabrics and accessories. 

REFLECTIONS in Colour is much more than just a collection of paint colours; it is a world of possibilities and distinct personalities. This collection is currently available in different technologies and designed for Industrial use only.

Extend the reaches of your creativity.


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210 of Today's Top Colors in One Fandeck